Moving in and/or out of Burlington or Winooski?

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Moving in and/or out of Burlington or Winooski?
To help make the move out and transfer process go smoothly and to avoid deductions in your security deposit here are some tips.
* When you move out, make sure to clean the place thoroughly. Clean the oven, refrigerator, bathroom, windows, floors, etc. If you do not do this, the landlord may deduct money from your security deposit. The key is to make sure the apartment/house is in as good, if not better, condition as when you first moved in.
* Remove all personal property and dispose of garbage in bins provided. It is illegal to leave items on the greenbelt, in a front yard, in a city park, in the street, or on the sidewalk. Anyone leaving trash in an improper location can be fined up to $500.
* Contact ALL the utility companies to terminate your services.
* Remove your name(s) from the mailbox, and have your mail held at the post office until they receive your new address. The post office will forward all your mail when they receive your address on a "change of address form" This can be completed in person at the post office or online at: https://moversguide.usps.com/icoa/flow.do?_flowExecutionKey=_c39D79E17-A1EA-11EE-CADE-A7563E4BBFF7_k66500E36-2309-97AF-C417-87DC169BD524. Online forms require a debit or credit card though.
* Make arrangements to have your landlord examine the apartment/house to get approval before you move out. You may save money from your security deposit if minor problems are found you can repair yourself. If you filled out a Move-In Check List with your landlord pull out that document and fill out the Move-Out portion. This will help ensure that you document the condition of your apartment as it was on the last day of your lease term.
* Return your keys to the landlord.
* Give the landlord your forwarding address so that your securitydeposit (and a list of itemized deductions from the deposit if there are any) can be returned to you within 14 days from the time you have vacated the apartment. If you do not see your security deposit within 14 days you can call VT Tenant's Inc. (802) 864-0099 for more information on your rights. They also have security deposit return form letters available.
This information is provided by the Spring Move Out Project (SMOP) and the Spring Move In Project (SMIP) in an effort to make moving more convenient and inexpensive during "peak times" throughout Chittenden County. http://www.cswd.net/events/movingguide.shtml

The date for this year's SMOP is May 29th!
Can't make SMOP! Visit CSWD's Burlington Drop-Off Center (339 Pine Street) on Wed 9:30-5:00 p.m.; Thurs & Sat 8:00-3:30 p.m.

Click here for other CSWD Drop-Off Center locations.
Click here for SMOP brochure.
Click here for a guide to sustainable living in Burlington.
Click here for trash disposal options.

BOOKS - No Charge.Used hard cover and soft cover books are accepted at all CSWD Full-Service Drop-Off Centers. Paperback books can also be recycled in your blue bin.

CLOTHING / TEXTILES - No charge!Includes sheets, towels, belts, purses and pairs of shoes tied together. Must be clean and dry. Deliver to any CSWD Full-Service Drop-Off Center

OR >> Salvation Army WarehouseIndustrial Parkway, Burlington, 860-1117Open Mon - Sat, 9:00 to 4:30

OR >> Goodwill Industries329 Harvest Lane, Williston, 879-0088Open Mon - Sat, 9:00 to 8:00; and Sun. 10:00 to 6:00

Please click here for additional reuse options.

FOOD - No charge! Non-perishable, unopened food only. Deliver to: Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf.

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS & FURNITURE Including couches, rugs, appliances, kitchenware, computers, electronics, sporting equipment and more. Items must be clean and in good condition. Electronic items must be relatively new and repairable.
Deliver to: ReCycle North

OR >> Goodwill Industries329 Harvest Lane, Williston, 879-0088Open Mon - Sat, 9:00 to 8:00; and Sun. 10:00 to 6:00

Please click here for additional reuse options.
or see "Furniture - Used" in the Yellow Pages.

HAZARDOUS ITEMS - NO CHARGE! Batteries, motor oil, gasoline, paints, cleaning chemicals, fluorescent bulbs, insect spray, and other potentially hazardous materials are accepted at:
CSWD Environmental Depot 1011 Airport Parkway, South Burlington, 863-0480Wed, Thur, Fri, 8:00 to 2:00 and Sat, 8:00 to 3:30

CURBSIDE RECYCLING & TRASH PICK-UP For recycling options, click here.For trash disposal options, click here.