Bhutanese Community Meeting

Dear Bhutanese Friends & Families,

We are pleased to inform you that we are planning to have a LUNCH WITH VOLUNTEERS (meeting) on April 24, 2010 at Memorial Auditorium Annex from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. We also feel the need to get together to discuss and plan for the event (pre-event planning meeting). We expect and desire your input in this event.

To discuss and plan for the LUNCH WITH VOLUNTEERS day, please come to the Community Room at CHCB (Community Health Center) on the 20th of February, 2010 from 8:30-10:00am for the pre-event planning meeting. Also, please convey this message to the new families you know. We'd appreciate it if you bring new families to the planning meeting with you.

We hope many people will attend the planning session on February 20th and that everyone will attend LUNCH WITH VOLUNTEERS (meeting) day on April 24th!

Thank you for your time and Cooperation


Vermont Bhutanese Association (VBA)