Dental and Medical Appointments! --- There is help!

We are blessed to have among us a Bhutanese man that has become a knowledgeable and devoted volunteer at the Community Health Center -- Dilli Ram Dulal. Dilli Ram Dulal has extensive experience in the health care sector in Nepal. Unfortunately, he has had difficulty becoming certified and registered as a health professional here. Instead, Dilli Ram has devoted many, many hours working as a volunteer for the Community Health Center.

He has become a scheduling and appointment specialist for the Community Health Center.

If you or someone in your family needs a medical or dental appointment at the Community Health Center, give Dilli Ram a call at ( 497-4412 or 860-6258 ).

Dilli Ram will gather the required information and history and he will arrange an appointment time for you at the Community Health Center.

Dilli Ram speaks English very well and he can also serve as your translator if needed. Dilli Ram works part-time as a contract Nepali<>English translator for the Association of Africans Living in Vermont at 139 Elmwood Avenue in Burlington.

Dilli Ram has also been volunteering as the informal Bhutanese coordinator for the Burlington and Winooski community garden plot projects.

Dilli Ram is also hoping to coordinate and facilitate the first meetings of the Vermont Bhutanese Association in the near future. He feels there could be many benefits to the Bhutanese community if we are organized and work together to help ourselves and preserve our culture.

Give Dilli Ram a phone call now ( 497-4412 or 860-6258 ), to arrange your next medical or dental appointment!!