The Food Stamp Program Has Improved - Try Again!!

The Vermont Food Stamp Program has a new "nickname" - 3SquaresVT - and now the program allows you to qualify with higher income levels!

Vermont raised the Food Stamp (3SquaresVT) income limits to give more Vermonters access to food benefits. If you meet those limits (see below), they will review your situation to see if you qualify. They must consider each household’s circumstances when deciding if people are eligible.

The nutrition benefit amount depends on household size, countable income, and expenses. Some households may be eligible for Food Stamps (3SquaresVT), but only for a $0 monthly benefit. It may still be worthwhile for them to enroll in the program as they may qualify for the other benefits.

Also, if you are enrolled in the program and your income goes down, you may qualify for a higher monthly nutrition benefit amount.

If you were denied Food Stamps, please use the Food Stamp Calculator below to estimate if you qualify now!

Click Here to See If You Qualify >> Food Stamp Calculator