Normal Free Television May End on Feb. 17th - What Can You Do?

February 17th may be a sad day.... If you receive your television signal from either a "rabbit ears" or another type of indoor or outdoor antenna and you want to continue using your antenna (and get "free" TV), then you will need a digital converter box connected to the older analog television set you use. Click here to learn about the US Government's Converter Box Coupon Program. We suggest you request your coupons now, as supplies are limited. Note: Coupon applications are now wait-listed. Once you purchase your converter box, connect it right away, so you can tell if you are receiving digital channels successfully.

It may take several weeks to get your $40 converter box coupon. Check with your friends, neighbors or volunteers and ask if they have a extra $40 converter box coupon - they probably got 2 coupons if they requested coupons a few weeks ago.

You may also need a new antenna to receive the new digital signals. In Burlington and Winooski the best type of antenna to use may be a "directional" TV antenna such as the Phillips PH-DTV1

All stores in the Burlington area were sold out of directional antennas this week!! You may need to order the antenna online using your bank ATM- debit card. You can check the prices HERE.

Online prices are usually lower than local prices, although you will have to pay for shipping charges.

The cheapest DTV converter boxes sold in the Burlington area were available this week at RITE-AID drug stores and at Best Buy in Williston. These stores were selling some boxes for $49 each. If you have a $40 coupon, then your cost will be about $12.99 if purchased in Burlington ($49.99 x 6% sales tax - $40 coupon = $12.99).